Python Extension with private components.

Hello guys!

Python Extensions looks super cool, but guess there is no elegant way to use it with private COMPs.
As I store extension object inside COMP and after enable privacy for this COMP and restart patch - COMP could not have access to that extension object, as it is inside private COMP.

The only way is to have an extension object outside private COMP - which is not beautiful at all)

Am I correct?


Unfortunately you are correct.
We are still evaluating ways of how to open up extensions safely inside private components.

Thanks for your support.

Thank you, Rob.


Hey everyone!

I was wondering if there’s any update on that subject?

For now, in order to make my private component work, I have to put it one level deeper. So, instead of

Component (set with privacy) → Extension

I have to do this :

COMP (set with privacy) → Component → Extension

It’s a bit annoying because I have to transfer all the parameters from my Component to the parent COMP and recreate ‘inOP’ and ‘outOP’.


Anything new on this front? Some way maybe to define an extension via script from the inside?
Have all promoted functions be available from outside, non promoted not? This would also make working with locked components much easier as it offers a sufficient API from the inside to the outside,

This is, to be honest, a big bummer and makes basicly all my components unlockable.

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We’ve been discussing some possible approaches and hope to push it further soon.


Really looking forward!