Python Wiki Documentation (parameter types, etc)

It might be helpful to expose python parameter information in the python page of the wiki.This is redundant, but personally I find it helpful to collect information in one place for reference.

It would also help to show the python type for each parameter in this resource. I use ‘type(par.parameter)’, to find the class type of parameters, and this works, but it is much faster to just have the parameter type spelled out for us lazy users!


Would you expect a description of each parameter, or just a list of them and their type?

One thing: If you select a value in a parameter field and roll over it, the popup help will include its value and python type, if that helps.

I hadn’t noticed - that is a great feature!

More than that, it will evaluate just the sub-portion of the text that you select.

For example:

55 + me.time.frame

Will show the value for me.time.

Useful when building up long expressions with long arguments, etc.