I saw in the forums that there were plans to replace TScript with Python. Is this still happening and if so, when can we expect it?

Yup its underway. We dont know exactly when itll be ready for release but its coming together really nicely. Its going to be a much better way to work in Touch.

Do you suggest we start brushing up on Python then?

Will this also allow external Python Libraries, or will there be a Python TOP or CHOP similar to the C++ one ?


Can’t wait!

Great news! Good motivation to learn Python properly.
I’m still putting off learning C++, hopefully until I die or it does. :stuck_out_tongue:



Any idea about Which version of Python might be supported (2/3) ?


Definitely something in the 3.x series.

Any news on this? … or alpha builds that we could look at?

I just noticed the 088 beta (and finally got myself a license). Python!!

Definitely brush up on your Python skills, as it makes 088 exponentially more powerful. You can import outside libraries if you want, you can even put them inside a regular Text dat and call it from elsewhere (which then hypothetically means someone without the library already on their machine could use it…nifty!). A couple good places for Python tutorials are: … ev/apr2012


I’ve personally been doing the CodeAcademy one and it’s great, easy, and you can literally do it in 10 minute chunks. Although keep a mental note it’s for version 2.7, so you’ll have to find out the hard way what things dont work in 3.x anymore. Between those and, you should be off to the races.

The 088 beta builds seem to be pretty stable, all things considering.

Thanks for posting these, elburz! Exactly what I need to get my feet wet

No worries, enjoy!

If you run into something that should work but doesn’t in 088, do a quick look up in the Python 3.2.3 documentation as some things have had their code slightly changed. An example would be print. In the code academy courses you’d write:

print “hello”

but in 088 you’d write:

print (“hello”)

Usually, looking something up and just making sure their code examples match yours will clear up many headaches.

#How to merge in Python

a = {‘x’: 3 , ‘y’: 5}
b= { ‘c’: 6 , ‘d’ 1}
f={ **a, **b}

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