Quad Buffer output

Can I resurrect an old thread about quad buffer cards (I posted this on the general discussion forum as well…as a reply to the old thread)?

I have a need to do active stereo output for a DepthQ projector and wondered if Derivative has any plans to make this an option? Right now I have a custom-built control panel that allows me to render stereoscopically from touch in different formats (side/side, over/under and anaglyph). But I am now at a point where I really need active. Going the NVIDIA driver route won’t work because I am rendering out stereo textures on my 3D objects which would not be detected as 3D drawing directives by the driver.

It would be really nice if Touch worked with quad buffer cards. Any ideas on this front?


If you are still around this forum - did you ever get Quad Buffers working in TD?