QuadReproject COMP bug

the quadReproject COMP fails when the (previz) camera is at certain angles.

Attached file renders -x -y and -z sides of a cube. If you press “Goto preset 1” or if you tumble the previz camera at various zoom stages you will see that the rendering is clipped.

The issue also happens if you use “normal” camera in the quadReproject COMP, e.g. in the left pane drag cam onto quadReproject Camera par and the left side and the floor will not be rendered.

bug.toe (27.8 KB)

Hey @Achim

Thanks for the report.

We just spent some time trying to see if they were anything misconfigured in your file, and we cannot find anything odd.

It would appear that there is maybe a bug somewhere in the Render TOP for quad projection rather than the quadReproject COMP itself.

I’m logging an issue for a dev to look into it.


Any news on this one ?

Spent some time looking at it today but no answer yet. It seems like the quad reproject math is breaking down in these cases, but it’s unclear why to me so far.

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I noticed that if you make each camera lookat the center of it‘s quadreproject SOP, the errors disappear. maybe this info helps tracking it down