Quadro Features

I’m intrigued by a couple of the features listed in the quadro 460 driver release. Does anyone know anything about either of these?

• Multiplane Overlay
Allows for the GPU hardware to composite the final image planes instead of the operating
system’s Desktop Windows Manager to reduce system latency. (Requires NVIDIA Quadro
RTX and later GPUs; SDR currently supported, HDR support to follow)
• Dedicated Display(s) capability to support needs for full-screen displays, eliminating OS
pop-up notifications, increased performance for large number of displays, and low-latency
present to displays

I’m not actually sure how to access multiplane overlay feature. It’s always tricky to map the driver/marketing release notes to an actual set of functions I call.
The Dedicated Displays I do know how to access in Vulkan, and I plan to take advantage of those.