Quadro RTX4000 + AJA Kona HDMI

Hi there,

we have an upcoming show, where we need 5 HD cameras connected to one machine.
I would like to use a HP Z440 Workstation we already have and upgrade it with one PNY Quadro RTX4000 and two AJA Kona HDMI cards.

I am hoping for low latency with the “GPU Direct For Video Support” mentioned here. https://docs.derivative.ca/AJA

Has anyone experience with those cards and the combination of those?

Would love to know it works, before spending that amount of money.

Best wishes,

Yes, the GPU direct should work with the AJA Kona HDMI.

Thank you malcolm, thats great to know :slight_smile:

I will report back how RTX4000 + two AJA Kona HDMIs are working for us, in case anyone is interested.

I just wanted to report how it is working, in case anyone is interested:

After having to swap all four AJA Kona HDMI cards with new ones (there was a problem with a previous batch in production), I can now capture 8 FHD 60 fps signals in TD.
Using the GPU direct feature, I wouldn’t say , that the latency is lower than with other cards I have used, but the CPU doesn’t break a sweat, which is great.

Good times :smiley: