Quadro rtx4000 mosaic question

Hi, I need to connect 4 projectors with hdmi to quadro rtx 4000. The problem is it has 3 dp oits and one usb-c which can work as video out. Problem is it doesn’t seem to work with hdmi adapter. I dig this topic a bit and it seems that usb-c only supports dp standard and doesn’t implicitly convert to hdmi as other 3 dp outs do.

My guess is to take 4 active dp-hdmi converters and connect 3 of them straight to the dp outs and one to usb-c through the included usb-c - dp dongle. I know it sounds loke a bad idea but I have no other options.
Can someone confirm that this is going to work and most important that I’ll be able to create mosaic setup across this 4 outputs? Fingers crossed…

maybe this will help, a list of display adapters tested by Nvidia to work on quadro/geforce, and email/phone nr of their vendors.

there is a USB-C to HDMI 2.0 in that list, I’m guessing it is this one:

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Thanks! Yes, I’ve seen it, but I’m in Russia and we don’t have them readily avalible here :frowning:

I don’t think that specific Bizlink model is that unique though, so see it as a signal there will be many USB-C to HDMI dongles that work on the quadro USB-C output, even if your current one does not.

Your planned option seems sensible as well by the way, I see no reason Mosaic would not work, as Mosaic is done internally on the card and I assume it should not care you’re converting outputs to DP/HDMI.

If somebody would come across this topic in the future: surprisingly basic off-shelf dell usb-c-hdmi adapter worked fine for me, I was able to make a 2x2 mosaic setup. With three dp-hdmi and one usb-c-hdmi connections to videocard


Thanks for sharing! 4 years later, I had this exact question. Looking to pickup 2 second-hand quadros, and wanted to know if the RTX4000 could do 4 outs, or if the usb-c would cause an issue. Cheers