Question about using TimerCHOP parallel timer in version 2022.30000+

When I use TimerCHOP’s parallel timer in versions above 2022.30000, using the Timer’s Goto method does not make the specified corresponding timer fragment work.
But after my test, the Touchdesigner version below 2022.30000 does not have this problem.

In addition, when the timer fragment is triggered using the GoTo method, the onSegmentEnter() script seems to be triggered twice for other timer fragments except fragment 0. This problem can be seen in the screenshot.

Has anyone encountered the same problem? How should I solve this problem?

Hey @jay_gao

I am not sure I am able to reproduce on my end. Likely I miss some settings specific to you file.

Can you please share a sample that showcase the issue ?

Note that you screenshot is tested in a build < 30000.

Testing in 2022.32660 seems to behave as expected.