Question about VR in touchdesigner


I am wondering if touchdesigner is compatible with Windows Mixed Reality VR headset and controller? I tried with vive example in palatte, the windows MR headset is working, but controllers are not. Anyone has any advice?

Thank you very much!!!

We’ve never tested with those controllers specifically, but if SteamVR recognizes them then they should work in TouchDesigner through the OpenVR CHOP.

OpenVR recently updated to a new controller input system where input actions are bound using the Configure Controllers menu in SteamVR. The current official build is still using the old input system.

We’ve updated to use the new input system, however it has not been released yet. When it’s released in the next official build, you’ll be able to go into the Devices -> Configure Controllers menu in SteamVR to bind the inputs of your MR controllers to TouchDesigner actions.

@eric.b - that’s interesting info, thanks for sharing. Do you have a rough eta on the release of the new input system? I was in the first order of Valve Index preorders, and everything seems to work great in TD so far! (Except the binding system, of course, which is easy to get around for now).

It will be in the next official build, which will be released soon (likely within the next week or so).

Thank you very much. Looking forward to updating to the new system