Question: Does anyone have a method for making touchdesigner run faster than realtime?

Hello, I’m looking to use touchdesigner for some video composition automation. I would like to playback a video with a moviefilein, composite some info/graphics on top, then render it out using a moviefileout. The problem is I have a lot of video footage to use so I was wondering if anyone has a method for making touchdesigner do this faster than it takes me to play the footage back in real time?

Much of TouchDesigner is bound to the refresh rate of your display, if you turn off the screen refresh you can run many elements faster than realtime - the trick here is that you need to run your project in perform mode with the Draw Window flag on your window comp off:

Annotation 2020-09-04 154120

You also need to turn off the real time flag:


Or you can set the windowDraw to false with:

project.windowDraw = False

Using realtime off and a perform mode that doesn’t draw will be faster than using the window draw flag - but both should work.


Turning Vsync off should also at least decouple it from the display refresh rate. You won’t gain the extra performance of not drawing the window at all as suggested by Matthew, but it’s another avenue to explore

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See here for an example of a TD project which will run as fast as your hardware can handle to convert video files way faster than real time.
Vsync off & realtime off is the trick.

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Awesome, this is all exactly what I needed! Thanks everybody!

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