Question regarding Kinect pointclouds

Hey! I’ve been testing Kinect pointclouds in TD for quite some time and I’m having a hard time trying to use 3D objects (like spheres) instead of 2D particles as material for the Geo.

To try to make it a little bit clearer, I’d like to accomplish something like this, but inside TD alone. Would that be possible? Video

You can do this with Geometry Instancing. The Geo COMP can take the positions of your points in the pointclouds and and copy whatever geometry inside the Geo COMP onto every point cloud point.

Search for geometry instancing tutorials, there are many on YouTube.

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Hey. Ben! Thank you very much for the quick response. I’m already using Instancing through a GEO COMP, I made a little video for you to see what I’m talking about: Video for Ben

What should I change there?

I’m not too sure on the exact techniques they are using in the first video, but it looks like some combination of post-render filtering and either some world space texturing and/or setting the instance’s color based on the color image from the kinect.

fyi, if I recall correctly, those grid lines you’re seeing in your point cloud are a side effect of remapping the point cloud into the color camera space. It might work better using the point cloud in the depth map resolution if you’re not already.

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Hey Rob! Thanks for the heads up, I’ll see what happens if I use the depth map resolution only.

On the other hand, yes. He’s using I think a combination of pointcloud recording (probably Brekel Pro Body or something like that) and post-processing in Houdini. Thing is I’d love to know if that’s also possible to accomplish real-time in TouchDesigner.

Did you know that the HOU2TOUCH program is starting anew this weekend?

That would be one way to learn the exact method used in this video. :grin: I’m not sure what part of the video you refer to, the sphere mapping to pointcloud is straight forward, the circle packing part of it would require something GLSL.

Yes I knew, but unfortunately I’m in no position right now to spend that amount of money in a course.

Besides I wanted to know if something like that is possible inside TD alone.

Thanks for the response!

Can you be specific about the time stamp in the video with the effect you want?

I though I have included it in link’s video.

Minute 02:11.

Okay, then the part at 2:11 I see as a simple instancing case if you are okay with the spheres overlapping. Technically it used a form of circle (or sphere) packing so they don’t overlap, and to do that you’d need to extend from nodes into GLSL in TouchDesigner.

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