Questions about the osc connection between Blender3d and TouchDesigner

I am trying to send numerical values ​​to Blender from TouchDesigner, (I am trying to use osc out). I used ‘nodeosc’ in the blender addon, but the values ​​are not transmitted well, so I hope you get some advice on this.

Hi @um38ss,

what are your settings on the OSCOut CHOP and can you communicate from Blender to TouchDesigner?


The addon that can osc in Blender is called ‘nodeosc’, so I found it, installed it, and tested it.

From Blender to Touch Designer, data values ​​seem to pass.
However, data values ​​do not pass from TouchDesigner to Blender.

I can’t figure out how I setting it in oscout node.

Hi @um38ss,

have you tried a different port and checked in the firewall settings that TouchDesigner is allowed to send out on UDP?