quote inside a quote? (reference to other operator)


this is my case

i have a list of 10 words inside a TABLE DAT . i would like them to change the content of a TEXT TOP . while being selected by a LFO+COUNT+math CHOP (math is for transform the count into an integer type value)

current setup is :

TEXT TOP text field : op(‘text_table’)[1,0] that works. easy .

how do i insert the value of the count chop in that expression?

op(‘text_table’)[ [(op(‘math1’)[‘chan1’]] ,0]

was my first guess but it doesnt work … :unamused:
thank you in advance :slight_smile:

CHOPs produce floating point numbers. You want the indeces to be integers:

op(‘text_table’)[ [int((op(‘math1’)[‘chan1’]]) ,0]

the export works… but its showing NONE as text… i may try another method like export to chop and select the channels… :confused: :confused:

EDIT: just realized that the TEXT TOP , can read text straight from TABLE DAT… and the index can be changed with the COUNT CHOP.