RabbitControl - Remote Control Anything - 2020-10-02 09:02

RabbitControl - Remote Control Anything

Link to main site

Thank you so much! Bery useful tool!
I’m tryinh to use it over the web but it seems it don’t works because of the websockets. I think they cannot open any “high-port” connection because of firewalls… :frowning:

Hi @Simplo,

two points for using it on a LAN or WAN:

Connecting TD<>TD over WAN

You will have to expose the port somehow and opening up ports can be a security issue. A service like https://ngrok.com might be helpful there?

Connecting TD<>WebClient on LAN

The websocket is by default insecure. I have not tried to install a certificate although that feature does exist in the webServer DAT.
Using Firefox, under about:confg you need to set network.websocket.allowInsecureFromHTTPS to true and things start working outside of localhost.


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Amazing tool…works super fast really easy to use. A good implementation for my work flow. Just a question… can other Software expose some paramenter with this protocoll ? Can i actually stream a video with that ? Or there s still some restriction… i m still asthonished from your work!! THANK YOU!!!

Hello Markus,
great work! It works perfectly with browser on my Wan but I have a problem with TD instance, when I drag it out of the active RCP_TD, there is no object created… I tried with official and experimental last TD versions, on macOs and Windows, nothing happens. The button is created but the cursor doesn’t change when I drag it. Any thoughs how to correct it?
Thank you in advance,

Hi @jacqueshoepffner,

hm - this is very strange. Out of curiosity, could you share a simple file where this is happening to you? Basically wondering if there are some configurations that surface this behaviour?


Hi @snaut
Here a zip with RCP server and client.
RCP client create the button but I cannot drag it to the network.
RCP_test.zip (138.7 KB)

Hey @jacqueshoepffner,

I see that I’m using a future build - let me check how long till the next release - if not soon, I’ll fix this.
A quickfix I can offer up would be to manually reference the parameters - they are created internally in the RCP_TD client in a Base COMP called “parameters”.


Ok, I can change the parameters entering in RCP_TD/parameters, sufficient for the next performance.
Thank you,

Hi Markus,

this is really nice, thank you!

any chance we can use the web interface in a local network without internet?

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You can use it, just make a copy of the page when you are linked to internet and after that opening it without internet, it works!

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great news ! what you mean by a copy of the page? can we do that on a android phone?

Hi @ruigato,

i’m working on including the page in the component itself. Should have an update today or tomorrow.


amazing, thank you @snaut

hello, here is the file. I use it with Firefox with protection deactivated. But I use it with another computer, not a phone.
rabbitContromHtml.zip (442.1 KB)

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Hey @ruigato,

just updated the git - the new version now serves the remotepanel from an internal webserver. This also fixes the issue with connecting to it from an external machine - a problem that was due to the fact that now all webbrowsers refuse insecure websocket connections.


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going to test it, thank you @snaut :slight_smile: eager to be able to use this to expand the possibilities of interaction and parametrization of the audience


Hello Markus,

so nice, that this is working now!! I am just wondering… If I wanted to customize the way the web client looks… can I do that and where ? (I see css component, but it seems empty?)

Liebe GrĂĽĂźe


the webinterface is stored in the Virtual File System and the Base COMPs are just a representation of the folder structure of the original website.

The process for me was to clone the git of the website here: https://github.com/rabbitControl/website and then load the subfolder static/client into the website component in RCP. The website component has a Disk Folder parameter where you specify the path to the website you want to ingest. So you can make changes on disk, hit the parse button and reload the website. If you make these changes, don’t forget to save the RCP_TD component… Maybe I should move these parameters to the root of RCP_TD…

The website is build as a react app - so what I’m loading is a compiled version. It might be better to clone https://github.com/rabbitControl/rcp-ts-client, make the changes there and build it, then load it into the RCP component.


@snaut this is looking sweet - great work! grt idzard