Ramp TOP keys not editable

Has anyone else found that the keys in the Ramp TOP are often not editable?

I can’t reliably reproduce this in a fresh project. But at some point, after building up a project for a while, Ramp TOP keys are suddenly not editable any more. Sometimes restarting TD fixes it. Sometimes not.

I think the problem is with the gradient rectangle where the keys live. It becomes unclickable. I can edit the keys in the DAT just fine and it is reflected in the TOP. But the GUI element is unusable.

I am on Windows 10 using TD 2021.15020.

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Same here.
For some reason keys became not editable and Touch started to crush when i create a new RampTOP and select it or select previously created RampTOP.

Win10, 15020, reinstalled build with no result, downloading previous build.

Hey @jeffcrouse @Aerostat

There is one known issue at the moment in 10k, where the first key of Ramp TOPs is not editable (you can’t drag it around), but you can still change the values of this key using the parameters, or change the position / values / delete the row in the DAT.

I’ve played around with a few Ramp TOPs and so far I cannot seem to reproduce the issue where all keys wouldn’t be editable or trigger a crash (in latest 2021.15020).

@Aerostat do you have a crash dump to share? Or a file where you can reliably reproduce and trigger the crash ?

Are you changing the Ramp type or any other menu parameter like Extend or interpolate ? Please let us know if there is any specific parameters combination that could trigger the issues.


In a new project i can not find a way/combination of parameters to reproduce crash.
It appeared in relatively large and old project. Now on 14360 it looks fine.
Unfortunately i can not share a proper CrashAutosave file because it became truncated and does not consist a part with video content TOPs (where problem appeared), only part of UI.
CrashAutoSave.SETUPPatch-Epizode.78.toe (1.5 MB)

@Aerostat there are no .dmp files from the crash? I’m not referring to the CrashAutoSave in that specific case.


Got it, no .dmp unfortunately. In that cases the Touch hanged for a while and i killed it from the processes because i could not wait. I think this is the reason.

Here’s a .dmp file of a fresh TD project crashing when creating a Ramp TOP.
TouchDesignerCrash.2021.15020.1.dmp (234.2 KB)

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I’ve been trying to reliably reproduce my original issue - which was just about Ramp keys not being editable – but in the process I’ve gotten to the point where I can reliably make TD crash when creating a Ramp TOP.

Check out 0:16 in this vid.

CrashAutoSave.NewProject.1.toe (3.5 KB)
TouchDesignerCrash.2021.15020.2.dmp (227.4 KB)

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Thanks @jeffcrouse

I cannot seem to reproduce on my end but I will forward those to a developer to be looked into.

Can you let us know the specs of the computer you are using for these ? GPU / CPU / GPU Driver version number


Absolutely. Here ya go.

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@jeffcrouse Which GPU is TD running on at the moment of that crash ? you can use a Monitor DAT in the project.

Also, I can’t tell exactly because those version numbers don’t match the “regular” Nvidia version numbers, but your driver seem to be out of date.

What do you see in the Nvidia control panel ?


Ah, sorry! It’s using the TITAN.

@jeffcrouse can you please update your driver and see if the crash is still occurring?


I’m getting the same issue and much worse actually.

Changing one ramp TOP seems to be changing another ramp TOPs keys, sometimes keys are uneditable (not just the first key) and editing keys causes intermittent touchdesigner crashes.

Heres a tox with the issue (ramp2). The ramp keys are green but the ramp itself looks blue. I changed a different ramp that was copied and pasted from this one and it caused this.

base_10_x3_tile.tox (1.1 KB)

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Hey @Ennui

Thanks for the report.

With you shared .tox file I can tell that the Ramp TOP got in a “broken” state. Strangely enough, I opened it a couple times and the ramp keys values were showing up differently.

It did trigger the crash / hang that I was unable to reproduce so far.

Forwarding all that to our developers to get looked into.

@jeffcrouse My guess from that crash I was able to reproduce is that it is not related to graphic drivers to be updated.


As an FYI I may have copied one of the ramps in the project from build 2017.14620 (dont ask) so it could be an upgrade issue on my side.

Thanks everyone for your report. I can confirm there’s a bug is in 15020 but not 14360. It is related to a fix for the Ramp UI in the parameter dialog. The crashes can happen after a Ramp TOP is deleted, the editing issues shows up if you switch between Ramp TOPs. If you don’t want to roll back, one way around the crashes and the inconsistent UI would be to switch to selecting a different node type so the parameter dialog changes to a different type before going to a Ramp TOP. This is obviously a bit of a pain, we do have a fix and will roll it out soon. Thanks for your patience!

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We have a fix for this but there’s a few delays in posting a new build. For now, you can use this build with the fix.

I will update this thread when we post the official update on the download page.