Random Values Generator From A Given Range

Hello to everyone! I’m new on this forum and I recently discovered this fantastic software.
Since I’m a begginer, I have two questions for my project:

  1. Is there a way to group MovieFileIn together? I need to link 10/15 photos to a Switch top and it would be great if there could be an option for getting access directly from a folder instead of creating 10 different MovieFileIn tops

  2. I need to create a CHOP that gives me on 5 different channels 5 random integer numbers from a range (0,4). How can I do this? And is it possible to change them automatically each second?

Thanks to all!!

welcome to the forum!

  1. open the Operator Snippets, go to the Replicator COMP, first example “replicate movies”

  • Place a Noise CHOP.
  • Set its “type” parameter to random.
  • On its Channel page enter this for the Channel Names parameter: chan[0-4]
  • Also on the channel page, set Start and End to 1, and set both their units to Frames
  • On Noise page, set this as the Seed parameter: int(absTime.seconds)
  • Now set that Seed parameter in expression mode
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Thanks so much!! I managed to do everything :wink:

sorry I forgot to type a step to make each channel only a single sample long, I edited above!

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