Random video player buffering issue

Hi there,

let me explain the project principle:

I am creating a random video player player filling video “buffers” when a video is triggered. I have created 10 video buffers potentially playing simultaneously and I am compositing the result. The all thing is controlled by an animation graph. When a video is played it triggers a midi adress.

First issue:

I don’t know why, but sometimes the op(‘Hold1’) is triggering a new number, some video buffers are empty, but the video doesn’t populate the player. It is quite rare but it happens. I have monitored my RAM and CPU/GPU, nothing crazy.

2nd issue:

I am a noob with Python… any help cleaning the chopexecute codes would be much appreciated. I am pretty sure it is over complicated for what it does!

Thanks a lot

Random video buffer player and Midi sync.toe (9.9 KB)

hey, I found it hard to debug your random_player COMP, so I took the liberty of creating a clearer variant. It uses a few lines of Python to find the first player which is available, loads the movie in there, pulses the player cue to so it starts from the beginning, and sends a midi message.
Mash the button fast and you’ll see the slots filling up. If you open a textport you’ll get some feedback if all players are occupied.

Does this resemble what you had in mind?
find_first_available_player.tox (3.9 KB)