Random Video Switcher

Hi all,

I’m struggling with my project! I’m trying to switch randomly between multiple video feeds after random intervals of time (up to 30 seconds) using a switch TOP but can’t work out how to
1; input a random index number into the switch TOP
2; do so automatically after a random period of time (without a button/ any human input)

any help would be greatly appreciated!!

If you’re ok with the switch being instant, with no cross fade, a switch top can work fine. (It gets a bit more complicated to have crossfades between random clips)

In the file I’ve attached, I created indicies, and shuffled them, then using a speed chop iterated through the items in that shuffled list. the result is an index that is random, never repeats (until all clips are shown), and the duration per clip is constant.

you could simplify this network and have a little less control if you just stuck a pattern chop in the index, and used random seeds to change the video.

randomTopSwitcher.2.toe (4.3 KB)

I can’t thank you enough! This is perfect!
If I wanted to slow the speed of the cutting slightly how should I go about it?
I’m so grateful!

No problem! find the constant chop going into the speed chop, and set a lower value.
that should do the trick

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