I’ve wanted a CHOP that has does this for a while.

Basically input one CHOP with multiple channels and set the range for each channel - up to 20 channels with one input.

To set the range of more than 20 channels simply input a second chop with fromLow, fromHigh, toLow and toHigh samples for each channel - channel name doesn’t matter just order.

I’m interested to know if the .dll will work on a Mac if anyone has a chance to check it out.

If anyone has any other ideas for any other OP’s please let me know.

RangeCHOP.zip (18.2 KB)

Thanks! This is great Keith. Much better than splitting channels out and/or using many math chops.

Honestly I wish this were an official chop included in the opcreate dialogue. It would be nice to be able to use this in non-commercial environments.

Nice one keith! Thanks man

Thanks Keith, Numerous times I’ve wanted that one too, couldn’t settle on how that would fit into the Math CHOP.

Thanks Greg,

One possibility (for the math chop) could be to have a “rangechop” parameter below the fromrange/torange parameters on the range page.

Then you could set a path to a CHOP that is set up like I’ve set things up here (4 samples long, 1 channel for each incoming channel). That way it wouldn’t break the normal use of the input CHOPs and wouldn’t be confusing.

Although now that I know a bit more of how things work under the hood it would be great if either the class was re-instantiated (so the constructor function was called) when certain parameters or inputs were changed or there was another function created for the OP classes that was called by the constructor when certain parameters/inputs are changed. This way an op can have a number of different options that weren’t tested for each frame.

Basically it would be great to bind parameter changes to an init function that was also called by the constructor. I think if this existed, there could be a lot of optimizations to be had since an op developer woudn’t have to rely on branching every frame for different modes of an op.