Raspberry Pi to Touchdesigner through UDPin

Hi, I’m relatively new to touchdesigner and currently in the process of creating an interactive art display. the way it works is that when an individual touches a sensor connected to a raspberry pi, a python script detects if it is being touched. this data is then sent over a UDP network to a laptop (pi and laptop are connected via ethernet cable). In Touchdesigner I receive this data through a UDPin (DAT) and take it from there.

The issue I’m having is that Touchdesigner doesn’t seem to be receiving any data. from running a couple of ping tests, I do seem to have a working connection between the laptop and Pi, so I’m thinking the problem lies with how I have configured the settings in Touchdesigner.

I should also note that if I run the python script direct on my laptop and set Touchdesigner to localhost it works fine. I only have an issue when going from pi to laptop.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I’m also considering trying to send data from pi to Touchdesigner via a serial port. Would this be a better option?

Sorry I have not worked with a Raspberry pi but if it can use OSC perhaps you can try something like this touchOSC for a first cut using an iPad or iPhone to get it talking. Be sure to download Bridge too:


I found it really reliable and super simple as you can plug an Ipad directly into pc USB with its normal charging cable. a look at a simple set up with ipad control using (free) TouchOSC is shown here:

So in summary - get something working first and look into using OSC on raspberry pi if possible…

Hope this helps,