Re-creating Camille Utterback's Text Rain with Realtime Text Input

Hello everyone,

i want to recreate this installation: Camille Utterback - Text Rain - YouTube

Instand of camera contrast i want to use an kinect camera and combine it with an real time text input, which visitors can put in via iPad or computer keyboard.

Is this possible? And how i should conquer this?


You might look into the physics engine that TD has, or look up collision detection with TOPs

Is there a solution for the live-text-input? Is this possible?

I have done not exactly that but falling letter with external file input but it is possible to use live input:
(at 20")
My technic (quickly described)
falling particles (you can use moving surfaces to stop or bounce the particles)
instancing rectangle with particles
instancing letter textures with letters coming from anything (keys, files, internet, OSC…)

I made a very quick proposition for your question. With fixed text but some Python can easely generate real time text.
textInstancing.toe (14.0 KB)

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