Readability of User Interface

As far as I can tell, there is no way to change the font size of the user interface, or to change colors from the dark gray with lighter gray print. Am I missing a built-in control to make the menus easier to read? I realize I can resize the font for my monitor when I’m using TD, but a simple change in font and background colors would make this much easier.

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I think the overall UI is fantastic, but many times I find myself using the Parameter COMP to display my custom pars in a UI and it’s often so small and difficult to scale that I have to go with a Widget approach instead, which is exponentially more time and resource consuming.

If I were able to adjust the text size and text/bg colors, and disable the expand parameter (+ icon), I would happily stick with the Parameter COMP for the vast majority of my use cases. Especially for Touch-based interfaces. I mean, it’s called TouchDesigner, right? :smirk: