Reading full .mid file from keyboard player

Hi, everyone,

I am trying to read a midi file from a keyboard player and use it for visualization. This is a natural way to introduce meaningful and stable interactive visualization for on-site players.

I found this ticket: [Help Request: Playing Music from a MIDI File]. And it seemed to work for the example midi file, but not for my file.

I am attaching the project file and midi file with this post. midi_player.test.toe (3.3 KB) (6.9 KB) In other apps, I read 9 channels, while in TD I only found 1 with lots of missing notes.

Since I am not familiar with midi file format at all, I am expecting the same results as other apps. Is this fully supported in TD?

Thanks a lot!


Thanks for the example, we’re having a look.

So you’ll need to setup the scope properly.
In your case try:

MIDI Channels: 1
Note Scope: 0-127
Note Output: One Multiplexed Channel
Controller Name:

This will create a single channel, where each sample is the note coming through channel 1.

You can also change the Note Output to be individual channels etc.


Thank you very much for your reply!

I did follow your suggestion. However with the attached midi file, I can read only read one channel. Even if I set MIDI Channels to 1-5 or 1-16, only the first channel has data. In other apps, I can see all 9 channels like this:

Could this be a bug or something wrong with my setup?

Thank you very much!



I just did some testing, and was able to see data on the first 3 midi channels of my example file.

I load it in twice, in the toe file.
Once with separate channel per note, and once with single output per MIDI channel.
In the first case, I used a delete CHOP to delete all the flat channels.

Please see attached file.

If you find your midi file might be loading in incorrectly, please submit it to and we can confirm.

read_file.2.toe (8.9 KB)

My file isn’t loading correctly. I’ll submit report. Thanks for your reply!