Reading MIDI Meta Messages

Hello Everybody!
is there any way to read MIDI Meta Mesages from a MIDI File in TD?
I have got a midi0 file from which I’d like to read time_signature and set_tempo messages.
The MIDIIn CHOP cannot. Not even as sysex messages, because as far as I understood TD can only receive sysex messages from a MIDI port and not from a file…right?
Maybe a script could help (mido or some similar library…).
Is there any chance to get the source code of the MIDIIn CHOP? I would be motivated to implement this functionality…

Thank you!

Hi @davigega,

it does not look like we are supporting Midi Meta data at the moment. This is a nice RFE though and I assume with some of that data being string based, it would be implemented utilizing the Info DAT and Info CHOP.


Thanks @snaut!