Real Time Data with Firebase

Real time data visualization in TouchDesigner is very powerful. We have a plethora of tools and resources within the TD environment to help us generate data used for visualization as well as countless ways to manipulate it. Getting that data out to the world and back can be quite useful when working with persistent data that may need to live outside of a single instance of TD.

Firebase is an excellent tool to help manage this data and its very easy to get it into TD. I have been using Firebase to get data in and out of TD for a few projects but I lack a very crucial part of the process: REST streaming connections.

I’m not interested in pinging a server 10,000 times per day so I thought I’d ask you:
Are you working with tools similar to Firebase and do you know how to use the REST api to open a data-stream in TD?

If you are not familiar with Firebase, check it out. It’s simple.

Please let me know if you have any thoughts.


I think what you need is a python framework that mimics a web browser without bothering to render the contents of the web page.

Another option would be to use and the python client for I’m familiar with and it seems very similar to Firebase.

PixelDust ,“and its very easy to get it into TD” :unamused:

do you have some information about getting the firebase data ( in my case gelocation ) to touchdesigner ?

i managed an android app to send ma phone geolocation to firebase,but i?m not shure how to get further…

Thank you.

Hello Brian,

Do you have any examples you could share on linking Firebase with TD?
I am very new to TD and I would like to see messages received in the firestore to TD.
I would appreciate any help.

Thank you!

My simple solution was send every change via OSC toTouchDesigner.
I run a python script (out TD) like this (I can’t include link), look my gist
I take the changes at TD with a OSC_In chop