Reality Capture to Point Cloud - Missing UVs

Hey guys

I’m quite new to the TD World and I don’t know that much about 3D. I wanna do a point cloud tutorial with my own OBJ. I scanned and exported the OBJ using Reality Capture. I then get 2 errors in SOPtoCHOP.
“Unkow Attribute UV”
“Unkow Attribute N”
So I got the normals with an Attribute Create, but I just don’t get the UV´s. Already googled a bit but unfortunately I didn’t find anything.

I want to do the following tutorial on Youtube :“Point Clouds in TouchDesigner099 Part3 - Napoleon dissolved”

At 5:40 I´l get the error. I don’t get the error with the OBJ file that the Guy uses in the tutorial.

Thank you for your help.