Realsense cubemos skeleton precision

Just got the cubemos up and running with a D435 (FW:, TD: 2021.11180)

The precision seems to be not as good as in the Cubemos skeleton tracking viewer app, which I’m guessing is related to the ‘network size’ setting that is not available in the CHOP. Is there a way to get at that setting inside TD? Or is there something else I’m missing?

This is not exposed and we have it set to 256 internally. It would be useful to have it exposed as a parameter since then you could balance performance vs. precision.

Out of curiosity what did you have network size set to in the cubemos viewer app?

Oh wow, ok, I thought the cubemos viewer app set at 192 was getting better results than in Touch, but I wasn’t being very scientific about verifying a difference in precision. Think I just saw the visualized UV points and made a snap comparison to the jumpy XYZ points in Touch.

Thanks for the reply! I’ll report back if I find any actual evidence.

Thanks, good to know. In my testing I found the jitteriness to be fairly comparable between TD and their app but it can be a bit difficult to compare completely because their positions only show to 2 decimal places.

At any rate, I’ve added a network size parameter to allow for more control of the precision / performance trade-off. This will be available in the next official build 2021.12400+