Realsense D415 - Depth camera not showing up in TD

Hi all,

Attempting to use an Intel Realsense D415. I’ve just unboxed it and installed the recommended firmware

When I open it up in Touchdesigner with the Image parameter set to ‘color’, everything seems fine. But when I change the image parameter to ‘depth’, it goes black and doesn’t appear to be reading anything. (The error is just telling me about the limited resolution with the non-commercial licence).

When I’ve opened the camera in the Realsense Viewer, everything seems normal, so I’ve got no idea what’s going on!

Anyone know what I could be missing here?

Thanks a lot !

Can you try downloading SDK 2.31 and use the firmware from that version?

That is the SDK we are currently linked against.

Thanks a lot! this version seems to be working!