RealSense D435 Extension?

I have an installation I am working on that needs to position the depth camera above the projection. I would need about 80-100ft to reach the server and have been looking at USBC/A to fiber extensions to get the length I need.

Has anyone extended the cable past 10ft with either the RealSense or the Kinect V1/V2?

We have options in house with using different sensors, but would prefer something as light as possible.

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…got a 15m type c to a cable from here
they also have a fiber extender


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Thanks! Looked at those and these:

So, the Phrontier extenders didn’t work with the RealSense.D435. I think it’s due to the 5Gb limit on it. It worked with a thumb drive and

We ended up getting a demo unit of the fiber extender you suggested from NewNex. It has photos of the unit next to the D435 and we can’t even get it to pickup a thumb drive yet.

EDIT: 1/22/20 - We returned the Phrontier unit and heard from the company after they tested it successfully with a D435. More information in my reply below.

:confused: bummer
would have thought that the firenex-10g pcie extender would do it
curious as to what their support is like- have they been responsive?
could one option be to use a NUC locally and have it talk to your server?