Realsense D435 - Nuitrack ¿How can I get Skeleton tracking?


Since currently there is no TD CHOP for Realsense D435, I am trying to develop a TD sketch for tracking the body skeleton with a Realsense D435 camera and using Nuitrack (trial version), but I am having many problems and I still don’t find the proper way.

Some people say that a possibility is via OSC. I am trying to use this [url][/url] but the code present many errors and there is no enough documentation on the web.

Does anyone know another way for sending the skeleton data form Nuitrack to TD? Should I use another software for this connection?

Others say that writing a cpp CHOP for Nuitrack is a possible scenario, Does anyone have an example of these?

Other guy say that you should compile a DLL, opening the DLL in TouchDesigner but I still don’t find any documentation of how to do this. [url][/url]

What other options do we have for tracking the Skeleton with Realsense D345?

(I find very necessary this Realsense CHOP supporting the D345 )

many thanks!


hey Icaro,
If you are a C++ developer you can create a custom CHOP operator, using the Visual Studio sample project provided with your TouchDesigner installation, in the folder

Program Files\Derivative\TouchDesigner099\Samples\CPlusPlus\CHOP and integrate the C++ SDK from Nuitrack into that.

read more info how to write a custom C++ plugin for TD here:

And if you don’t have the time to learn all that, you can also post in the jobs forum to hire an experienced TD C++ developer to write the CHOP plugin for you.

Hi there,

for those who are interested in using the depth sensor in TD - you could take a look at the Nuitrack plugin, which supports Realsense sensors among others.
(We currently have two separate beta plugins - TOP for depth maps and user masking/segmentation and CHOP for skeleton tracking, you can request the corresponding plugin by email).