Realsense D435 weird pointcloud resuts

So I’ve been playing around with a Realsense camera and the pointcloud it is generating is unusable. Sending a few screenshots
Capture 2
This is supposed to be me sitting on my desk… I have tried plenty of different tutorials/sample files I’ve found around the forum. I always get a glitchy nonsensical image. Any troubleshooting advice?

What is the warning on the TOP telling you?

I can’t make out much from that angle, or without being able to tumble the scene, but the stretched out rays look a bit like areas where the distance is too far and depth becomes inconclusive/unknown values. The data does look more coherent closer to the camera, so I’m just wondering if you have tried in a smaller space, or with something behind you, or failing that just crop off the points past a certain point in Z.

If you can save out this pointcloud as an .exr file using the Movie File Out TOP and share it I could inspect it more closely.