RealSense Depth Camera D455 on Mac

Hello everybody
Does anyone know if TouchDesigner supports the RealSense Depth Camera D455 on Mac?
I would like to know before I buy it :wink:

Currently its not supported on any platform since I don’t yet have one in the office. The 2020.40000 series of builds will support RealSense on macOS soon though, so when D455 support is released, in theory it should work on macOS as well.

Thank you malcolm for the quick and detailed answer!
«Soon» means a month, three months…?

The next 2020.40000 series build that comes out (as experimental) will have support enabled for RealSense. Yes, when D455 support is released, it’ll be included in macOS, assuming the SDK has no bugs

D455 support will be in the next build of 2020.40000 series we post.

Hey, a couple of months later.
I have a D455 and got several issues.
I thought I fixed the warning that the firmware is old with this helpful tool:

But it seems TouchDesigner doesn’t recognize it.
The error that appears to be more crucial is that it fails to initialize the Intel RealSense Cross Platform API. I don’t really know how to tackle that one…

Any tips/updates etc would be very welcome.

Hello, any news about it? The camera works on mac? with all features? has anyone tried it?

There seems to be quite a few problems with the latest version of macOS and RealSense. RealSense is saying it’s on Apple to fix, so not sure when that’ll get working again. I had trouble getting the RealSense to even work.

Im running macos ventura on a macstudio m2, and still looking for a solution to use any depth camera and SDK for real time body tracking; I’ll be happy to get a simple silhuete so i can stream it via ndi to Resolume or Mad Mapper. Any suggestions??’

Check out the OAK-D cameras in TouchDesigner 2023, they work well with macs.

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Thank you, I’ll contact them!!!