Realsense for face tracking

looking at the SR300 for face tracking via realsense CHOP
anyone using this? any advice?
still avavilable in europe??
thanks in advance.

We used the SR300 for a face tracking project a few years ago. It was more accurate with faces than Kinect v2 as it was designed to be used at close range and specifically for face tracking, and if I remember correctly it has a slightly higher IR/depth buffer resolution than Kinect v2.

However, that all being said, the SR300’s IR system is far inferior to Kinect’s. Kinect produces many more (and much brighter) IR projection dots than Intel’s. If you’re really close to the SR300, you’ll probably be fine, but if you’re doing face tracking >0.5M away, I’d consider alternatives.

thanks Dylan for your quick response. much appreciated.
next step: find one…
planB kinect2

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