RealSense license in 2022 version

The 2022.28040 build isn’t recognizing my RealSense license. Any clues?

2021.16410 and 39010 work fine. Not sure what to try?

What license are you referring to? The cubemos one?

Sorry, yes to be more clear, it’s the cubemos license. Switching tracking on in the RS TOP returns error, in both auto and manual folder location mode. Can’t be that the license is in a non-standard location as it works fine in the older versions. Has the expected default location changed in the new version? Puzzling.

also hearing of issues with other devices such as LeapMotion licenses. is it a v2022 thing?

There were some changes to how LeapMotion is distributed in the 2022 builds, but that was independent of any other changes in TouchDesigner. Based on a request from Ultraleap, LeapMotion libraries must now be downloaded independently from Ultraleap’s website rather than be included with TouchDesigner.

LeapMotion doesn’t require a license file, but users do need to negotiate a license with Ultraleap for commercial use.

+1 had a few folks asking to use previous RealSense devices and they’re having trouble getting license to get recognized in newer builds.