Realsense on Mac timeline

I notice that a recent update adds this to the Realsense TOP:

NOTE: D415 and D435 cameras are currently disabled on macOS due to bugs in the Intel librealsense API.

Is there a bug open somewhere I can watch on this?


Its a bug in the lilbrealsense SDK, we keep trying to update if every couple of months but the issue remains. It seems this SDK is really only getting updated quickly for Windows and Linux flavors unfortunately.

We will continue to try new releases.

Hey Guys,

I am on Mac looking at getting a realsense for TD, are there any that work? or which would you recommend?

We have re-enabled RealSense on macOS, but it is still quite random in that it only seems to work on ‘some’ systems. We have wildly different experiences with the different Macs we have available. We don’t really have an answer if it will work on your system until you try it unfortunately. Any one you know have one you could try with the latest TouchDesigner 2021.11180 build?

hmm ok… no i dont know anyone… difficult… any other sensors? ive got the kinect running in macos and kinect 2 but have to run that through windows/bootcamp but I also have a eeg that can only run on my macos… so need to be able to use both there really… and the kinect just isnt cutting it…

D415 is working in latest build on macOS 10.15.7 on my Macbook Pro 16"!


I’m curious what you mean by Kinect isn’t cutting it - and therefore what you are hoping the Realsense will give you over the Kinect. For most use cases we see, Kinect works better than Realsense (depth, point cloud, skeleton tracking for example). The advantage of Realsense is availability, size, multiple device support, and sometimes range compared to older Kinects.

hey Ben, thanks for the reply. I just mean in macOS… I can only get the Kinect 2 on bootcamp but the EEG has to be on macOS

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oh nice one thanks i have the macbook pro 16 (2020) 10.15.7

Ah I see. We will continue to try for improvements. Let us know if your Macbook 16" works as well.

ok yes the D415 works on my macbook :slight_smile: the point cloud of the kinect v2 is so much better though… such a shame… one of the projects I was wanting to make involved detailed imagery… but… the D415 is ok for movement and general depth…

was just looking at these… you can see the D435 isnt as good as the azure for example… the D415 is worse…

but still able to get some stuff done…