Realsense Point Cloud with Motion Detection?

I have a Realsense D435i camera and would like to use the raw-depth data. Is there a way where I can get filtered raw-depth data or create a point cloud only for people or objects that are moving in the video?

I essentially want to get a point cloud of moving people or objects and remove everything else from the image.

Any help is much appreciated.

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you can isolate part of any TOP that moves thanks to a cacheTOP and some ThresholdTOP then use this white result (the changing pixels) as a mask on your point cloud data.

In the “montionsense” element from the palette, you’ill find the main things you need to isolate your moving pixels.

Since the rawdepth data from the Realsense is not really clean, you may have to use some blur to smooth it.

Hope it helps !


This was extremely helpful! Thanks for your time. Going to try this out tonight.

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