Realsense top compatibility with d456

Hi, I want to use the D456 in TouchDesigner to do Pose Tracking.
I have a brand new RealSense D456 connected to a MiniMac (Intel) with MacOS Mojave 10.14, with the librealsense installed and the RealSense Viewer detecting the device and displaying the 3D image alright.
My problem is that in TouchDesigner the RealSense TOP does not detect the RealSense D456. I tried putting a videodevin1 TOP and it does not see the D456 under Devices either.
I assumed the librealsense should be listed under Libraries but it’s not.

Possible problems I see

  1. I installed the RealSense SDK 2.54.1 because it has support for the D456, but I read that the TouchDesigner top for RealSense was developed using the SDK version v2.50.0.
  2. I also see that the TouchDesigner top only has option till D455 in the dropdown model menu.
  3. I’m using TouchDesigner non-commercial version bundle 2021.16410 because that’s the last one to work with my outdated Mojave 10.14 that I would rather not update.

I read the documentation before I bought the camera and noticed I might have problems, but I really needed a water resilient camera that could run on MacOS and I thought this is my option and that I could work around it somehow.

Do you think it is any likely that I can use the D455 option of the TouchDesigner TOP to work with my D456?
Does it make sense that I try downgrading to SDK v2.50.0?
Is there any chance to work around these limitations or should I give up on using the D456 camera with TouchDesigner?

I’m rather new to all this and any help would be really REALLY appreciated.

Thank you!

Hi @spindlewhorles,

unfortunately you are facing two issues:

  • the 2021 releases of TouchDesigner will not work with newer realsense SDKs and have no support for newer realsense cameras
  • the latest mac version of TouchDesigner currently does not support the realsense SDK


Thank you @snaut.

Actually I edited out the device name detection from the realsense SDK source code, now the TouchDesigner TOP detects my D456 as D455 and all types of images are streamed ( Depth, Point Cloud, Color) etc.

I would now like to use the image to do skeletal tracking, but I get an error in the TouchDesigner realsense TOP, stating that RealSense firmware does not match SDK version and suggesting that I change firmware from version to version I did that, but unfortunately my D456 camera is not compatible with firmware

As mentioned in the quoted post newer builds of Touch Designer realsense TOP use newer realsense SDK, is that right? So if I upgraded my macOS to be able to install a newer build of TouchDesigner it could solve the incompatibility between firmware-sdk and D456?
Just wondering which TD version was updated and to which new realsense SDK and firmware. Thank you…!