Realsense TOP with LIPSedge AE450


I want to use LIPSedge AE450 sensor in TouchDesigner.
It is compatible with Realsense SDK.

I set up the sensor according to the documentation and opened the Realsense Viewer.
The AE450 was identified as a Realsense D455.

However, the sensor was not detected even when “model” of Realsense TOP was set to D455. (show picture)

I read the TouchDesigner Realsense documentation.

It states that the RealSense TOP does not require drivers to be installed, but does require the correct firmware to be installed on the device.

Is it possible that updating the firmware of my AE450 to the version recommended by the SDK version (v2.38.1) used in TouchDesigner would solve the issue?

My AE450(D455) firmware version:
TouchDesigner version : 2022.25370
Recommended firmware version (for Realsense v2.38.1):*)

Or are there any other considerations I should take into account?

I am going to contact the manufacturer, too.

I would recommend starting by matching the firmware versions yes. On my 435i it needs to match exactly.

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