Realsense Visual Presets

On this website a list of visual presets for the D400 cameras are presented that seem very handy.

Is there any way of using these presets in TD.
I’m thinking either through using the enumerations in the Options CHOP or by using the provided preset .json file somehow?

I’ve been experimenting with the Options CHOP, but it does not look like these visual presets are supported, or maybe I am just doing it wrong?

Sorry, this is currently not easily possible. Not sure if it’s possible to achieve this using the options alone

Hi Malcolm, thanks for your quick answer. I don’t think it’s possible with the options, unfortunately. When using the options I also found that many options were not available for the camera that I’m using (D455).

I have a follow-up question. Much of what I want to achieve is possible using the Filter page in the Realsense Top anyway, however, the Filter page is disabled when I am outputting a pointcloud. Why is that, and is there any way to filter the pointcloud output?

If you have another TOP set down that is set to Depth, and you enable filters there, I think that filtered depth will be what is used to generate the point clouds

Hi Malcolm, I’ve been testing this out, but unfortunately, I can’t see that the settings on the Depth Realsense TOP has any influence on the Pointcloud Realsense TOP, which is a shame.

Now I’m at a loss on how to filter the Pointcloud input, and without any filtering, it’s a bit difficult to work with.