Realtime Fire Performance FX Prototype

Hey all,

I’ve been working on a system for adding trail effects to fire dancing performances in real time for a little while now. I recently rebuilt it from scratch in Touchdesigner (from VVVV) to take advantage of Touch’s amazing video features. I’m really impressed with how fast and reliable Touchdesigner’s been so far, and being able to stream multiple video feeds to the hard drive while also running effects at a stable 60fps running has been amazing.


Still very much in the testing phase, but it’s getting closer and closer to being stable and flexible enough for general performance use!

I’ve been working with a pair of prototype cameras from a small startup called sub2r which fill a lot of the feature gap between high end webcams and cameras designed more for scientific imaging. Having a lot more control over the image and optics has been amazingly helpful. The prototypes aren’t without issues (mainly being 720p and a bit prone to crashing), but sub2r have just finished the initial design phase of their updated production model cameras and are in the middle of a presale run to fund the first build. They’re great guys who’ve helped me out with this project immensely, and I can highly recommend checking out their new gear if you’re looking for a high quality & configurable streaming camera for live projects. The new version can do 4k @ 30fps & 1080p @ 60fps and looks pretty epic!

If you’re keen to check them out, here’s their website. The graphic design is a bit ‘engineer quality’, but their hardware is legit.

Really nice effects. If you have any screenshots of your networks or interface would love to see. Thanks for the camera link as well. Are you taking in HDMI from those camera’ optional HDMI modules or are you using the USB-C? Does the camera just work with the Video Device In TOP?