realtime paint (roughy)

Hey there,

I was always wishing Touch had a more traditional 2D paint application (besides Greg’s Finger Paint) that worked in realtime.
Maybe someone built one, and I missed it?
Had an idea of how to do it,
so I spent a day and build one.

Read this: right now, even though color can be accessed through a Color picker,
this scene is set up to pull a black and white matte for compositing purposes between two movies.
Ignore the color picker at first, and just open the panel and drag your mouse around to paint a matte.
Play with the “linger slider” to make the strokes of your matte last longer or vanish quicker.
Then replace the movies with your own.

This can be taken a lot further.
With images as paint brushes.
Geo painting, both texture and surface.
Undos through clever switching of compositing layers, switches, record chops, and clicks from the mouse.
I welcome all that are interested in this to push it further to make it a fully functioning "paint-effects’ type program in Touch.
Email me if you need help deciphering my network.

Please let me know how it works for you.

PaintProgram.67.toe (12.3 KB)

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Jim, that’s lovely. you have been really busy lately! thanks for putting up your stuff.

don’t forget uncle greg’s mixxa has a paint object that works in a most gregly way…

in the mixxa**.toe file…



So maybe I should have wrote “Always wanted a more traditional 2D Paint Program”.
Sorry about that.
The first lines of my post first post has been edited to better reflect my intent.

Mixxa Finger Paint, and then Jarrett also did a 3D Paint back in the day.
Both of which are great.
Greg’s (unless it has changed) I believe was based on line/tube creation, which differs from a standard paint program.

The thing about Greg’s Finger Paint and Jarrett’s 3D paint, is that what is painted are 3D objects, which could ultimately be pushed so much further than my paint program.
Jarrett’s might have even been working with some custom shaders.
Mines currently just compositing tricks, but it works more like a standard 2D paint program so it suits my immediate purposes more.

Got a new one in the works.
It has a “magic wand” type pixel sampler in it for pulling HSV keys live.
That and am starting to play around with adding 3d geo growth patterns.
Look here soon for it.

hey jim,

i like feedback based paint systems, but they always seems to suffer from the issue that strokes are incomplete if you move the mouse/brush quickly. Do you somehow work around this issue?

Hi Achim,

Well, to answer your question…
Not really
This was just a quickie, a creation for performance fun.
I just love dancing the brush.
I’ve done some additional work on it and got some other promising tools functioning, but I’ve had to shift my time to other things as of late.

It’s kind of the nature of feedback (right?) that we’re up against the sampling rate of Tops, but we’re also up against the sample rate of the mouse.

With geometry “tubes” can be created that interpolate between samples created as points.
Also a particle stream(or a circle with a “trail sop”) might work as an interpretive buffer to create a sustained consistent stroke.

Come to think of it, I think by taking the positional information of the previous frame and comparing it with the current frame, the brush gap problem could be solved in tops through chops.
Compare positional data of the two frames, and add duplicate copies of the brush/stamp along the path between those two frames, before the feedback. The amount of added stamps would be dependent on distance and brush size. Might screw with a nice fast arc, but it should work.


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this is very helpful! i’ve added comfyUI with realTime stable diffusion generation on top and it works much faster then getting my scribles from photoshop. it’s super fun! thank you

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Could you share your updated file?