Reason for inconsistent error status on video in top family?

Greetings - Trying to understand if there is a methodology to how and why certain video in top types error when their input is not detected, while others simply show a black square. Related to spec of each protocol? or based on user feedback over the years?

Below, none of these video in nodes have any connection. they all show a range of results though despite that. Some have errors, some warnings, some black backgrounds, some transparent bg’s etc.

I leverage TD’s error reporting pretty heavily in development to let me know where actual issues reside etc. so I try to properly fix the source of errors whenever it’s viable, even if that means making a more convoluted network to bypass or otherwise switch off errors.

I always have a harder time doing that with the video in nodes, since they all handle things differently, so just wondering if this is something that might be changeable or if there’s a method to the current implementation.

Overall a very minor issue anyways, all things considered, just curious!


I think a simple add that might alleviate most of these issues would be the inclusion of an Active toggle parameter for all of these node types. Some already have it, some do not. This imo would cause cooking every frame to go off, and also to disable errors.