Receive OSC signal from Pure Data on TD

I am a beginner on Touch Designer. I would like to make a program that allws me to record a video (with a TOP MovieFileout) of the image captured by the kinect, as soon as I send the message record = 1 from Pure Data to a CHOP OSCin. I can’t find the intermediate steps that connect two operators. The OSC message should act directly on the ON/OFF of “record” in MovieFileout.
Could someone please give me some advice ?

you will need to send 1 for record on and 0 for record off, then you will control On/Off parameter directly with an expression, theres a few ways to create an expression but for your purpose and as a beginner its probably easiest to make that connection visually. first, in the OSCIn CHOP, click the little + sign in the bottom right of the node , the CHOP will lose its border and when you hover over any messages inside it you will see your cursor change to a ^ sign. next, click on the moviefileout top so that its parameters show up in the inspector. finally go back over to your OSC in chop, hover over and select the message you want to map then drag to the control you want to map to (note the right arrow cursor ), release and you should have a small popup window, select reference. now the OSC data is mapped to the control. hope this helps

Yes thank you it’s exactly what I was looking for !