Receive remote joystick data

Hi all,

I was wondering how difficult it is to send/receive a data stream from a remote desktop (different network).
I’d like to quickly put together a prototype where a user (possibly running their own instance of touch designer) can remotely control a sphere with a joystick or keyboard in my running instance of touch designer. Which protocols and methods would work best?

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If you will be running TouchDesigner on both machines on the same local network you can use a touchinCHOP and touchoutCHOP to send the CHOP data from the joystickCHOP.

On the machine with the joystick place a joystickCHOP in the network and wire it to the touchoutCHOP. Then on the machine you want to control, add a touchinCHOP. Set the IP Address to the same as the machine with the joystick. They should start communicating.

Similarly you can you the touchinDAT and touchoutDAT to send the keyboardDAT information.

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Hi @ishelanskey,

What if I was to run it on a different network? Let’s say one machine in NY and the other in London.

Can you run a site-to-site VPN between the two locations? This is the easiest way but often mean you need to own the network your machines are running on - universities and large orgs are generally pretty strict about IPSec.

The other adhoc way I can think to do it is use a service like zerotier. That’s a service that should allow you to setup a tunnel without the additional admin of a VPN box.

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I like the idea to use “zerotier”, will try that out. Thanks a lot!