Recieving bundled OSC-Message

So, the Client has a tracking system in place, sending the blobtracked position via OSC. When using WidgetDesigner (Christi) we can se incomming messages but, in fact, the header is not visible or states #bundled
When using OSC In CHOP, no input gets trhough and the CHOP stays empty.
With OscInDAT i could confirm that, in fact, messages get in, but seems like touch just cannot make sense of it, as they appear completly empty.
Except when I print out the byte data, looking like this:
The stable version is use has the “Blank Line for non-Scoped Bundles” but the Experimental version no longer has this parameter in the oscin DAT.
What is the best way to go now? We can change over ArtNET, but still, would be nice to know what is going on here and how to get it to work as intendet.

Could you send the relevant part of the network to us at
Can’t determine if its a bug or alternate setup issue yet.

Thanks very much,

Hi Rob, the sending side of things is not from touch, so the recieving network is just an OSC In node. I will find out what the sending software is called, as it is on a suppliers side of things.