Recommended lap top

Hello everyone, i am a student for graphic design and fell in love with TD lately , i use cinema4D and after for school and my lap top is a 2019 macbook pro 16GB ram, he is starting to struggle a lot with the programs and i am considering updating my laptop, the issue is i dont know what to do , should i buy a new m1 macbook with 32GB ram, or i have considered to buy ASOS ROG g17 strix, with 3080 or 70 graphics card and ryzen 9 CPU , 32 GB ram, i cant get to a final answer and i want this machine to be my main because i am traveling to and from school, and want to start VJing and doing installations with TD so i have to be able to take my laptop wherever i go. can anyone help me decide please :slight_smile:

I love all my Macs dearly but for TD a PC is much better generally. It is nice to have both - use your Mac for audio and video editing and photography etc and PC laptop for touch. There are some good articles here on hardware or see the wiki. Good luck - you will indeed love TD on a pc.


I agree with Gordharris. Windows with a nVidia GPU is way ahead for TD, 3D (Blender, Houdini). I keep MacOs for sound (windows is not the king of easy sound …) and daily work.

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