Recording / exporting animation to Pangolin Beyond

The new Pangolin CHOP is a very welcomed tool in my laser workflow.

I was wondering if there’s any techniques for recording / exporting an animation, to be able to play the animation back in Beyond standalone without TouchDesigner?

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I recently found this CHOP, but there’s next to no documentation on the actual utilization of it.

I’ve been struggling with this for a couple days, but it seems like you managed to communicate between TD and Beyond. Would you mind helping me figure that out?

I have both TD, Beyond, and the laser connected to the same PC, but can’t get them to talk to one another. I’d love if you could break down your process or record the steps to making that work. Thanks!

What have you tried so far?

With Beyond running, you should just be able to put down a Pangolin CHOP and provide it a source for the points, either a CHOP or SOP.


Thanks for the speedy reply. I’ll be honest, I believe my issue was that Beyond needed to be open before TD. I restarted TD with Beyond already running, and it worked. Not sure what the issue was before, because it didn’t give me the warning on the Pangolin node that Beyond wasn’t connected, I just wasn’t getting any output. Odd.

Anyway, seems like I got it, but thanks!

Hey there - did u find a solution for recording the laser data?

Unfortunately not. We decided to work exclusively in Pangolin Beyond’s timeline, because of the deadline of the project we didn’t have time to explore solutions with Touchdesigner further.

Hi @eric.b, Picking uo this thread if you are still there!
I have several projects where I’d like to be able to play back animations created in Touchdesigner from Beyond. Should probably ask this on the Pangolin forum, but here goes…

It looks like the only way to do it is to import AIFF’s via the ADAT impoirt function…
Is there another way?

Got an installation with a high fixture count.
Feeling like it might be a job for AVB or SD cards.

Also, is there any way of taking the frames that Pangolin chops send to zones and then routing them in Beyond?

So if I want to split a Pangolin chop output between 2 zones in Beyond for mapping.
Or to duplicate / mirror the outputs.

Concerned about trying to run a LOT of Pangolin chops into Beyond simultaneously.

Also, is there any way of taking the frames that Pangolin chops send to zones and then routing them in Beyond?

I don’t think this is possible but it may be. I’ll ask my contact at Pangolin.

We did recently add a multi-zone feature to the Pangolin CHOP in the latest experimental build, for CHOP source inputs only. Basically, if your CHOP input has a “zone” channel it will use that value instead of the parameter value, effectively allowing you to send to multiple zones using only a single Pangolin CHOP. This helps to remove a lot of the CHOP overhead that would be required for you to send to a large number of zones. I don’t know if this would entirely solve your problem but it would at least help somewhat.

EDIT: The feature you’re looking for in BEYOND is “Also To”: Multiple Lasers - Also To [Complete Help Docs]

Multi-zone feature is REALLY useful. Will check this out.

Obviously a difficult question to answer, but have you encountered any hard limit on number of zones you can send data to?
As in, does the method of sending points to Pangolin max out at some point, even with a top spec computer?

The hard limit on zones is 200, but there are other limiting factors such as your license level that may bring this value lower. The maximum number of points per frame for each zone is 8192.

Hi Eric, Back on this again.
Want to make sure I understand (before I splurge on the Beyond Ultimate License).
With the Chop input with Zone channel, could I do this in theory:

Create ten different laser animations as CHOPs, with XYRGB channels, running at 30 fps and using 300 points per frame each.

Join the ten animations together into one long Chop, which has 3000 points per frame.
And an additional channel that says which zone those points should go to, from 1-10.
Send this to the Pangolin CHOP.
Beyond then picks this up as data for 10 different zones.
Have I understood right?

@lyallmarcus Yes, that’s exactly right. It’s an optional channel that will override the zone parameter – the channel name must be “zone” because it’s identified by name.

Also, if you haven’t done so already then I recommend upgrading to the latest official build, 2023.11510, because we fixed a bug that could cause BEYOND to crash if the source input has zero points.

So I managed to export a test animation as a 5 channel wav file. Tried importing it into Beyond using LC ADAT. Didn’t work. But then a stereo WAV did work. Just did a spinning torus through the laser chop, but it did more or less import correctly.