Red screen when using eGPU on macOS


The entire Touchdesigner UI is red on my primary monitor, when using my eGPU with the Macbook Pro 16" screen open.

I have to either move TD to the Macbook display, or close the Macbook and use it in clamshell mode for TD to display correctly on the external monitor.

Here is a quick video showing the issue with latest version of TD, but it’s the same on every version I’ve tried - TouchDesigner Red Screen with eGPU on macOS - YouTube

Hello @cpk

Thanks for the report.

Sadly, it seems that the red screen you are experiencing is a common issue with macOS and external GPUs.

Unfortunately, we are not officially supporting eGPUs on macOS at the moment.

Maybe you can find some help in other topics: Search results for 'egpu' - TouchDesigner forum

I can tell that some other users had the red screen issue, and it looks like it could be related to different factors, such as cable type used… etc.

Hope you’ll find something that helps in those topics.


Hey Michel,

Thanks for getting back to me. I have never heard of the red screen with eGPU issue, and can’t find much on Google except for a few other threads on these forums.

I use the eGPU and both screens with lots of other software and have no issues, and have never encountered the red screen elsewhere which makes me think it’s a TouchDesigner issue.

Just to clarify, TD works perfectly with the eGPU and external monitor, as long as the Macbook is closed in clamshell mode. It only shows up red on external monitor if both screens are being used, but displays fine when moved over to the internal monitor.

Btw I’m using an AMD 5700 XT, just in case it’s something related to the card and not the eGPU.


I’m afraid right now TouchDesigner on macOS does not support multiple GPUs at all - it will only work as you described with the lid closed or on the internal monitor.

This is very much something we plan to support in the future though, if Apple continue to support external GPUs on new hardware.

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Ah right, so I guess with the lid open TD is using the internal AMD card instead of the eGPU.

Hoping support for multiple GPUs comes in the future, and that eGPUs will be supported on the upcoming Apple silicon chips!


i also report the Red screen on second monitor with BlackMagic eGPU on MacOs Catalina 10.15

Same red screen issue here for MacBook Pro with Mojave 10.14.5 and AMD RX580.

you have to chose the gpu you are using. In application : right click on Touchdesigner/get info/ and cross the box about the extern graphique if you want to. The best way is to stay on the screens only connected on the eGpu.

This worked, thanks so much! It also works on both the external and internal monitor when using the eGPU.

yes, it’s working on all the monitors, but for best cpu/gpu use it’s better to keep all on externals monitors connected to the egpu.