Redesign the parameter export process (visually)

As a newcomer to TD who’s used various other node-based environments, this part of the program just seems weirdly overcomplicated to learn. I get that it’s meant to save screen real estate, in a way, but the whole thing with enabling the flag, enabling the viewer, and then dragging from there to a parameter is counterintuitive to how this stuff works elsewhere, as well as within the rest of TD. How about something like:

  • clicking export on a parameter adds (or really, unhides) an additional input to its node
  • you can drag a cable from a modulator to that node, as you would connect any other cable
  • the resulting text path could still be edited or typed in, as it can now

or alternately, enabling the export tag on a TOP could add a different output there, rather than relying on the viewer being enabled.

Or, if there’s a real need to differentiate this type of connection from the others, add an alternate node view which only shows the export cables.

There’s just a lot of ways it could work more intuitively…